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As expert training course finders, Avand have all the resources to help you get into trade careers - whatever your plans are. We don't just help you get started in trade careers with expert course guidance; we also supply handy training advice so you can find your direction and get you to where you want to go. Check out our helpful training advice below to get started.


How to find your ideal Training Course

There are a number of factors which point to a great training course and a leading provider. We use these pointers to help us determine which courses will enable you to establish a career in the trades and achieve your own personal goals. Here we've detailed a few of our criteria so you can be sure the provider your use is the very best.

  • Accreditation
    Keep your eyes peeled for highly accredited course providers, they'll offer courses that are up to industry standards and can set you off on your chosen trade careers with all the skills you'll need. City & Guilds, EAL, NICEIC - look out for these logos on your provider's webpage or get in touch with these awarding bodies directly to find out if your provider is properly accredited.

  • Size and course range
    When it comes to choosing a training provider, our training advice is "the bigger the better". You might be tempted to opt for a smaller provider believing in a more personal touch, yet smaller providers do not have the resources, materials or facilities of more sizeable, well-regarded institutions.

  • Established providers
    If you've tried searching yourself before coming to Avand, you may have found that there are many small, little known providers who spring up and 'jump on the bandwagon' whenever a new, popular trade springs up. Not only are they less likely to have a great pool of resources and teachers, they're also unlikely to be able to properly equip you with the skills you need to begin your trade careers or meet your personal objectives.

  • Class size
    In this case, smaller is better. Look for providers who offer smaller class sizes to ensure you get your money's worth. Smaller classes mean more personal one-to-one time with experienced tutors. Our training advice is to look for providers who offer class sizes of 10 or less, anything else could jeopardise your learning experience.

  • Qualifications
    Whatever your chosen provider promises you, make sure you check out the course thoroughly. Ensure it is properly accredited and is well-regarded in your chosen field.

  • Pass rates
    The pass rates of a given provider are often overlooked, so take some time to find out what your course's pass rates are. The higher the better as this is evidence of a high quality training course.


If you'd like to find training which ticks all of these boxes, Avand can help. Fill out an enquiry form today to find exceptional training courses in plumbing, construction, tiling, electrical work and much, much more to help you get started or progress in trade careers today.

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