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We have training agents throughout the UK with a large variety of courses available. All the courses are regularly run with qualified staff and approved training centres ready to cater for all your training needs. Just send us your details in the form on the right and you will receive information on courses in your area.

We are more than happy to answer your questions regarding training courses and the providers we work with.

We get asked all kinds of questions, so get in touch no matter what your query. Some of the questions we get asked quite regularly include:

How do you choose the training centres to work with?

The training providers we work with are the best ones we can find and we vet them thoroughly. Many training centres across the country get in touch with us, asking to be a part of our network, but only a small number we agree to work with.

Are the training centres accredited?

Wherever accredited courses are an option, we make sure the training centres hold the relevant accreditations. For instance, Plumbing training courses are offered by many training centres throughout the UK, but only some will be City & Guilds accredited. These are the ones we work with, ensuring you receive the best possible training and there is a qualification at the end of it worth having.

Why do you only offer trades training?

We choose to specialise in this market as it's one we know inside out and it's also one that unfortunately, many unscrupulous training companies and brokers operate in. Be very careful when choosing a trades training centre - many do not offer a service that is worth the money, with poor training, no qualifications and outdated facilities being regular complaints amongst students. By specialising in this one part of the training market, we can make sure that when you are spending your hard earned money on a plumbing, electrical or gas course it is going to a proper establishment.

How many people are taught in a class?

We pick training companies with as many tutors as possible. If a training centre only has a couple of tutors then steer clear, as it means they will have large class sizes. In our experience, any more than 10 students in a class can seriously affect the way the training is delivered and the pass rates.

Could I go to a local college to train instead?

Whilst many used to be great places to learn trade skills, further education colleges are quickly becoming outdated in the trades training sector. Most are focused on selling apprenticeships to school leavers, rather than helping more mature career changers gain new skills. Lots of them are also underfunded, so facilities are outdated and training materials and topics aren't up-to-date. As a career changer, you will likely find that they cannot offer the flexibility that a private training centre can, where learning around your current job and being able to re-sit missed classes are fine. You may also experience courses being cancelled or changed at the last minute, as the colleges are often not sufficiently staffed and they worry too much about providing a quality service when they are funded by the taxpayer, rather than surviving on a hard-won reputation built up from providing privately funded courses.

What qualifications will I receive?

You will be dealing with a company that offers the only qualifications that matter, such as City & Guilds, EAL, NVQ or NICEIC.

Will I get value for money?

We choose training providers that can do the job, without charging silly money. The costs in the training world vary hugely. Anything that is too expensive or too cheap rings alarm bells with us, so we stay away from them. We know exactly how much a proper trades and construction training course should cost, and will be able to advise you on the most affordable option that is available to you.

What's the next step?

The answer is simple, get in touch with us and we can find out what your needs and goals are and then find the perfect training course, at a price that suits. Fill in the enquiry form on the right hand side or call us on 03333 442 356 now.

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